How to open a company abroad

sfaturi si sprijin pentru infiintarea de companii in tari straine

Vali Crintea

Opening a company abroad is not a difficult step to take if you want to expand your activities or you are looking for new markets to try different types of businesses. You don’t have to go in person in the country you choose for setting up a company because the procedure can be accomplished by local specialists in company formation or lawyers. Even if you don’t know personally an attorney or other specialist who may help you, the registration of a new company can be done in just a few days.

You may find on the internet specialists in company formation who will help you with useful information about the types of companies available in the country you choose to perform a business, the incorporation procedure, the necessary documents etc. You may open a company in Malta or in Estonia, for example, helped by local lawyers who can represent…

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